male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

*floats into tag 25 million years later* the writers did not make a mistake in using the word ‘crip’ because the year was 1899 and they all used words like that back then—as it is a historical musical they have to stay true to that time period. also, Crutchie is arguably one of the strongest, independent characters in the show and the fact that he is REPRESENTED as such should be testamount to the writers and actors themselves! Does he let ‘crip’ define him, or slow him down? No! He uses his strengths and doesn’t let that word define him no more than KATHERINE lets Jack’s line “shouldn’t you be trainin’ at the ballet” stop her. should we point out all the sexist comments in addition to the ableist ones? *floats back out of tag*

I can’t spend my whole life dreaming.


People who genuinely care about your well-being and happiness make all the difference in your life. Find people like that and be one of those people to others.


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Emma x Regina | Anna x Elsa


"It’s a good thing"


Elizabeth Lail as Princess Anna in A Tale of Two Sisters

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